We've been asked a lot of great questions over the last few years. Here are some of them along with answers we hope you find helpful!

Where can I find Thrive?

We distribute printed copies of the Thrive Entertainment Guide to over 300 locations throughout Macon County. Go to Find Thrive to search or view all locations.

How often is Thrive published?

Thrive is published on the first of each month. Online, we "publish" events as they are approved by The Eventor.

When do I need to submit my events?

For inclusion in our printed edition, you must submit your entertainment events by the 15th of the month preceding our publish date. We will approve and publish your events as soon as possible online so it is only to your advantage to submit events as early as possible.

How can I include my events in Thrive?

As always, you may email your event to The Eventor by the event deadline. In addition, you may now create your own account for your organization (use the Submit link found at the top right of our website) to easily manage all of the events you coordinate.

My event isn't very "entertainment-y," can I still include it in Thrive?

Sure! We try to fit as many entertainment events as possible into our printed edition. We are now able to accommodate non-entertainment events here at ThriveDecatur.com.

Why are there "Entertainment" and "General" Events?

First and foremost, we are an Entertainment Guide.  It's our goal to connect residents and visitors with awesome entertainment activities here in Macon County. So long as there is an entertainment element to your event, we can generally include it in our "Entertainment" calendar. There are also other great ways to get involved in our community and we want to share those, too. Non-entertainment events are categorized as "General" and can be searched for using the filter at the top of our page. Examples of "General" events are: Blood Drives, Business After Hours, Member-Only Club Meetings, etc.