Behind The Thrive – Issue 103

Ever wonder how we put together this great Gift Guide for you? If you think about your challenge in narrowing down and then finding just the right gift for each person on your list, then think about our massive challenge in curating a few select nuggets from the massive shopping cart that is Decatur and Macon Counties. After all, we’ve got a bevy of retailers, entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners who make our choice more than difficult – it’s often impossible. It’s no wonder we start this process in September. Of course I start thinking about it around March when the weather starts to get a bit too warm for a snow-lover like myself, and start hounding Kat and company around August to get the proverbial gift wrap rolling.

And it’s no wonder! Even locked in as we are on locally owned, we started with almost 120 stores! On top of that, each year we challenge ourselves to reinvigorate the guide, with new stores, categories, items or at a minimum, different words for you to read. This year we went a totally different direction – literally! Thinking about how we ourselves like to shop, we’ve curated a gift collection for you by locale, so whether you’re shopping Downtown Decatur, Forsyth, Mt. Zion or parts in between, you’ll easily point your ride in the right direction. So shop on, fair shopper! Gift Guide in hand, you’re sure to stuff those stockings with ease.

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