Behind The Thrive – Issue 105

With the click of a mouse I have sent this issue to print as has been done over a hundred times before. But this time is different. This issue marks the beginning of a new day.

This copy you hold in your hands is the final publication of the Thrive Entertainment Guide.

Almost exactly nine years ago Brook Paslay and I found ourselves plugging away at building our new graphic design agency and searching for a way to connect with the community. It’s hard to remember the exact series of events that led us to creating Thrive, but with the project we found a great sense of purpose.

Thinking back to that time,

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Behind The Thrive – Issue 103

Ever wonder how we put together this great Gift Guide for you? If you think about your challenge in narrowing down and then finding just the right gift for each person on your list, then think about our massive challenge in curating a few select nuggets from the massive shopping cart that is Decatur and Macon Counties. After all, we’ve got a bevy of retailers, entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners who make our choice more than difficult – it’s often impossible. It’s no wonder we start this process in September. Of course I start thinking about it around March when the weather starts to get a bit too warm for a snow-lover like myself, and start hounding Kat and company around August to get the proverbial gift wrap rolling.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Local Flavors

If you’re even just a little competitive when it comes to Christmas shopping and always want to give the BEST gifts you’ll want to grab some gift cards from these tasty local eateries. They all come in at the top of our list!

Sol Bistro
237 N Main St, Decatur

R. Bar & Grille
157 W Main St, Decatur

Decatur Brew Works
101 N Main St, Decatur

Blue Spoon
120 Oakland ave, Decatur

Bistro Five Thirty Seven
One College Park, Decatur

Wildflour Artisan Bakery & Cafe
256 W Main St,

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