Raspberry Tea Room

Want a little slice of heaven? Pop into the Raspberry Tea Room and pick one from the daily chalkboard of goodness.

While my pal’s choice was obvious – coconut cream pie is the go-to – mine was more difficult. After much deliberation I finally opted for the peanut butter, a super-rich concoction with thick peanut butter mouse and a delightful crust made of Ritz crackers! My dining partner and I also loved the coconut cream, with layers and layers of finely chopped coconut mixed into a delicious mixture on an extra-thin crust. Light and delightfully coconutty without being overpowering.

Believe it or not, choosing an entrée was even tougher than deciding on dessert! With a quiche of the day and at least eight salads of the day on the menu,

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Kinnie Pop’s Chicken Cuug

Fresh unique flavors. Made-to-order piping-hot wings and fries. Homestyle classics. A fresh take on a timeless dessert. And what can only be described as the best of southern hospitality (even here in the Midwest) is what you’ll find at my new favorite family-run restaurant, Kinnie Pop’s Chicken Cuug.

After hearing high praises from a friend, I was intrigued to learn there was, indeed, a restaurant tucked back in the far corner of Woodmound Plaza! Just walking in the door brought a smile to my face and got me excited for my meal. Not much beats a genuinely excited, warm welcome and hello, and that’s what you’ll find greeting you here. Before tucking into some comfort food classics, you might,

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